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Hello All,

So After months of sitting on the fence finally got a 55 inch LG E6.
Absolutely love it but I'm interested to see how others connect their various sources to the TV.

Previously I have routed all sources into the Yamaha Aventage amp and then use that Remote for switching sources using the HDMI-CEC system which worked perfectly.

However on the new LG set things do not run as smoothly.

There some strange behaviour where not all Devices play nice with switching the Lg input source. For example switching to Virgin TV box will automatically turn on the PS3 which then automatically switches. Also random switching back to internal to speaker is frustrating.
I believe LG hdmi control system is called Simple link.

With the addition of built in apps all being connected by ARC Im not sure but do you lose some of the higher quality sound formats?

I know you lose on screen menus of the home cinema amplifier by using the ARC route so I'm interested how you guys connect all your sources and how many Remotes you flutter between.

Many Thanks

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Hi Dom,

I have all sources running via my Denon 6200 for sound and picture except the Panasonic UB900 which I use the dual HDMI out's for picture straight to my E6 and sound to the amp. I also have the same set-up with the Oppo's connection only it's connected to the projector for picture. I don't use ARC as I've always found it to be more trouble than it's worth.

I use a Harmony Ultimate to control all equipment and have had to play around with the different activities so all work okay. I've found the Denon takes longer to boot than other amps I've had so that is turned on first with a delay set before everything else powers up.

Not had any anomalies like you describe with other equipment turning on but I have found that if I leave the MINIX box in stand-by when I press the 'OK' button on the Harmony it turns on. I now power the box off completely which seems to have cured the issue.

I would definitely recommend an all in one remote like Harmony so you don't have to keep swapping between remotes - makes things a lot easier.
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I feel your pain, I like using hdmi control which works fine most of the time, I have sky a going straight to the e6v (as my Pioneer sclx83 isn't 4k) and everything else via the Pioneer plus using arc.
I've got so annoyed of the Blu-ray player turning itself on and turning the amp onto Blu-ray which takes an age to do anything that I've unplugged it (rarely used anyway). Now turning on sky also turns on the TV and amp correctly .... Except now and then I get a hdcp error through the sky box, switching off the amp and trying again normally but not always fixes it.
I've tried all variants of settings and this is the best I can get it working ... And I do this for a living so it's clearly not ideal!


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Glad I'm not alone on this- thanks for the response.
'The previous TV was a Sony so I guess that's why it used to place nice with Sony PS3.

Looks like a decent all in one remote is the way to go.

Shame- I like the LG remote but the constant on off dance at the start is getting a bit annoying.

I updated my signature with the devices but it didn't show on my first post.


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Obviously every device works differently and you might have more luck trying every setting option in each of them.

I've had various all in one remotes in the past and my tip would be more physical buttons the better, a touchscreen losses its appeal really quickly if you can't adjust the volume without lighting up the room to see a screen.


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I connected my sources through the tv and use the tv remote to switch sources the other way round everything into my yamaha amp gave me problems.
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Currently straight to my yamaha ysp2700 soundbar but I will be changing direct to TV for two reasons, have separate picture settings on each hdmi port is good to save changing modes all the time such as gamemode, and with me getting a oppo 203 soon which will have DV update coming along as well, and i don't think my soundbar will passthrough this signal so I will separate the audio and picture from the oppo which is handy.


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So would you notice a drop quality if instead Of connecting a bluray player to the Surround receiver on anTRueHD disc you connected straight to the TV and then used ARC to feed the sound back?


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Ok- so tried using the ARC route which works for convenience as the LG remote controls all sources well.

Is ARC supposed to transmit Dolby digital? Because I notice it sends the audio to the AV receiver ok but the Dolby digital light does not come on.

I tried switching to PCM but no luck either.
Not sure if it's an error or just a feature of ARC audio?

Any views or opinions would be appreciated.



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I have my e6 setup as follows:

1 Sky
2 Sony Amp (ARC)

Sony Amp
1 Sony Blu-Ray
2 Apple TV

I also have the problem with the Blu-Ray player turning on when I try to use the Apple TV. Lived with it so far but it is annoying...

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