How do you clean your lens ?


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There's a fair amount of dust on the lens of my PJ but I'm not sure whats the approprite/best stuff to clean it with.

Any advice ?

How do you do yours?

(suggestions to wash thoroughly with Pro V will not be kindly recieved; this is a Head and Shoulders household.)


Sean G.


brillo pad and some swafega ?.


how about one of those camera lens cleaning kits - brush with a little air blower thingy and a special lint free cloth.


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I use a little pen type thing from Jessops. Its a double ended one that has a soft foam pad one end, with a self despensing liquid ( a bit like the shoe polish sponge, only not as black:D ) and the other end is a very very soft brush for cleaning the dust / cobwebs away.

its good, used normaly for camera lens cleaning and camcorders, cost about £10, the foam pad is good for the little specs that dont want to come off.


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Thanks guys,

I guess a visit to the nearest camera shop is required.

See ya,

Sean G.

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