How do you clean a pond?...


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I dug and put a pond in about 10 years ago. I gave up on putting fish in after cats killing them. So it's pretty much natural, frogs, sticklebacks, pondskaters that sort of thing.
Anyhow it pretty much needs emptying of all the stuff that's accumulated over the years. I would guess about five or six bathfulls of gunk.

I don't have space to bung this crap in a corner of the garden.

What would you do?

Ignoring the issue is an attractive option.


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We've a pond that's the same as yours, completely left to nature, haven't cleaned it out for years except to clear the pond weed every so often. At the moment it's home to a load of frogs and newts and they're welcome to it. Leave well alone and let nature take its course.


If you do remove any vegetation from the pond leave it at the edge of the water before disposing of it so that anything living amongst it can return to the water.


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Yes, very true that GaseousClay, there're lots of little insects etc that you don't always see, we've even had newt coming out of the weed.

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