How do you buy a TV in these troubled times?

Sloppy Bob

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Sony just stuck new refurbs up on their site.

49XH9505 - £579
55XH9505 - £679

48A9 - £999
55A8 - £849
55A9 - £1049

Factor in a bit more for a 5-year warranty £0-£150 (depends upon the salesperson and your negotiating skills, the season, time of day and sheer luck) and you've got a nice little bargain.

Got to be quick though.

Sloppy Bob

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The Q80 is a "just" capable HDR TV. It's sort of meeting the minimum specs for decent HDR.
It has Full Array Local Dimming and a decently bright backlight.

The other one isn't at all. It's Edge Lit and the backlight is nowhere near bright enough for HDR.
HDR should be avoided altogether on this TV.

Overall, for similar money or less, the Sony XH9505 is a better buy.


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Thank you both for your continued support. It seems that my options seems to be close to exhaustion! I went from Max £700 / 43” to £1100 and 50” and still manage to find a problem. With some movement the 50” screen could fit on the basis it has a central stand rather than feet, hence the Samsung options above. Sony appear not to have central support presumably to save costs when the majority will discard and put on the wall. I think I am close to nothing.


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Sloppy Bob

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It's fine. It does what it's supposed to. It's quite adjustable in height so there's no issue with a soundbar underneath it and it swivels as well.

The only problem with it was that it needed some spacers to fit the brackets to the TV as my older Samsung has quite a curvature on the back of it. Quick trip to B&Q sorted that.

Whether you'd have that issue on a different TV, I don't know.

Sloppy Bob

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Note that there are a huge number of other pedestal stands on Amazon and elsewhere. Look to see what fits your decor and needs.


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I thought also the xh9505 could have its feet set wide or narrow, but maybe not the 49...check the spec


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So bit the bullet and got a Sony XH9505 49" on its way to me. Hopefully will arrive Monday. Thank you for all your advice. We got there!


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Thanks both for your continued support. I guess we are -/+ 20degrees from centre. As it sits in a corner on a stand, I have to figure that in also - our living room has one wall with no features on it (staircase - wall 1, patio doors - wall 2, access to dining room off set - no wall 3). It would be totally impractical to put the TV on that one remaining wall.
We had a Vizio e43-f1 and it started getting bad display issues ... it is gone now.
We sit 3 feet apart on our sofa 10feet from TV in a room 12 x 14 ft. ok :>)

We ordered on Amazon .. Amazon product

LG 55UN7300PUF Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 55" 4K Smart UHD TV (2020)​

IT was SO BIG and BRIGHT and the ONLY thing you noticed, when you walked into the room..... Wife has migraines and so do i ...... This TV was the 'Biggest" trigger ......

Now we are waiting 4 weeks on Amazon to refund our money???? We will never order a TV from Amazon, if there is any chance, that we might need to return it.

Back to a 43 INCH .... Trying to decide on this HISENSE NON 4K ......


Hisense - 43" Class H55 Series LED Full HD Smart Android TV​


If you can test drive a larger TV, then try it FIRST .....


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Hey, great timing! You could own a Panasonic 3D 40” tv when my new monster turns up!
The poster is in the US ...shipping might be a challenge and compatibility

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