How do i ..........?


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How do i keep the active downloads on screen (so i can see how far i've downloaded while turning the controller off?

Any ideas :)


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take the batteries out of the controller.....:)

I don't think you can do it as an option...


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You would think you could!

I've gotta keep going back to my controller switching it on to see how long saint row has got to download!

If i leave to room, i don't know if it has downloaded either.

Looks like i'll have to "push the button", like those ugly girls sing!


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RandomLee said:
The controller goes off by itself if you dont press any buttons.

After how long?


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I cant say for sure but I would estimate about 5 - 10 minutes.

Put it this way... this morning I went to pass some waste matter and when I came back I had to turn the controller back on.

The screen saver came on too but I could still see the active download window / blade.


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my controller stayed on for over ten minutes, after a while the active download bladewent off! weird


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The only thing you can really do is to turn off the controller and use the media remote, if you have one.

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