How do I wire up these speakers? Pls help!

you connect it to the sub pre-out on amp then into the mono low level in on sub.

I assume its a Sony STR-DE695S amp you are using?
Yes- I am using the STR-DE695 av amp. Is that the wrong Subwoofer cable I've bought?

What it be right if I- pluged the subwoofer cable into subwoofer in on the av amp, then put it into the line in left on the subwoofer?

Would that be right? Pls help
The cable is the correct subwoofer cable and it should be plugged into the subwoofer out socket on your amp
Left is correct- for reasons too long and involved to go into here, all MS subs have a stereo in. Some people find that a 1 into 2 splitter improves the speed of the auto on function but I haven't tried myself.

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