how do i wire my sub with speaker wire

ok i have paridiagm ps1000 sub + a pioneer vsx501 amp

i have just tried connecting the sub to my amp via a standard set of rca but the sub did not respond ..but when i touch the end of the rca when plugged in the sub i get the bass noise. but when connected to the amp using the sub out ..

so what could be wrong ..
so im goin to try and connect it via speaker wire can some so,eone give a little detail how i do this via speaker wire
i know that you use the front channels from the pioneer amp to the sub but where do i put my front speakers then ...

chers ryan


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You can only use speaker wire if you're subwoofer has high-level inputs and you have the correct connectors that fit in your sub. If it does, put the cable in the same binding posts as your front speakers (L in L, R in R). Hope that makes sense?

There's more info on connections in the subwoofer FAQs


OK. Connect the rca to the subwoofer OUT socket and connect to the same on your sub.
As there is no OSD it should automatically detect that a subwoofer is attached to it.


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A bit small! The rca cable goes from the subwoofer pre-out on your AV amp to one of the LEFT rca connectors on the sub but I can't read the writing so you'll have to work out which one (the one marked IN maybe).

Otherwise use speaker cable to connect from your AV amp speaker terminals to the speaker terminals on the back of the sub. It's to you you whether you connect your fronts to the sub or leave them connected to the AV amp.


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If you have a choice then connect a single coaxial phono to phono (RCA to RCA) cable between the subwoofer out socket on your amplifier and one of your subwoofer's input sockets.

Even when two sockets are provided on the subwoofer you do not gain anything if you connect to both sockets.

If you want to use the speaker terminals (high level connections) then use ordinary lighting flex between the speaker terminals on your amp and the speaker terminals on your sub.

Speaker cable is completely unnecessary for connecting a subwoofer due to the high impedance input circuitry in the subwoofer's plate amp.

Carefully maintain stereo and L&R connections at both ends of your wiring..

You could connect the subwoofer to the speaker terminals on the backs of the speakers instead of the amp. (again using two lengths of 2 core lighting flex)

Maintain stereo and L&R and check carefully for stray wire strands before switching everything back on.

You should always switch everything off in the system before playing with cables.
cheers for the heads up guys got the sub running by wiring the front L+R channels in to the sub .then from the subs outputs to my L+R speakers.

is there any disadvantages or advantages by doing this way

+ i bought a crappy set of vianco rca leads to connect to sub out on my amp to the sub in on the sub but it did not find a siginal what could be wrong that the sub never reacted ..maaybe crap leads ?

cheers ryan


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In the speaker set up on the amps set up menu's you will need to tell the amp that you have a subwofer connected, otherwise the sub out phono connection on the amp may not be active.
Sound wise you may not notice much difference between the way you have connected and using the phono connection.
You will lose the flexibility of the amp controlling the sub though.
For instance you may find that you prefer to have the sub at different levels when listening to music instead of movies and the amp will allow you to set the levels for each input mode. So no crawling round the back of the sub to adjust its output when you change scources on the amp.

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