How do I wire my Cat5e Patch Panel?


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I'm going with the T568B standard.

The Philex sockets I have show me how to wire them according to 568B.
The Krone sockets I have don't give any clue as to how to wire them, so I copied the Philex standard.

The Patch panel I have has 8 termination points per cable (obviously), but only specifies that the 1st 2 are Blue, 2nd 2 are Orange, then Green, then Brown.
It does not say which way round the white/solid colour goes.

Does anyone know of a good website detailing connection methods, or can anyone help?

For info, I connected the panel Bl/Wh, Bl, Or/Wh, Or, etc, and it's not working.



Ok just a guess, i would think it would be

1 - Blue without stripe
2 - Blue with stripe
3 - Orange with stripe
4 - Orange without stripe
5 - Green with stripe
6 - Green without stripe
7 - Brown without stripe
8 - Brown with stripe

Don't take my word for it, if in doubt get youself a multi-meter and meter out the pins then check out the website here for a wiring guide for a RJ45 connector, you should then be able to work it out.

Hope that helps



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Thanks Gareth. After much stress and running around, everything is now working.
Thanks for the link - that is how I'd wired the RJ45 Philex socket, but the Krone sockets don't even have numbers on. Fortunately the layout is the same as the Philex.
Still can't see anywhere detailing how to wire the patch panel, but fortunately The Dude Abides, and his original instructions work. My Squeezeboxes won't be using all 8 wires, so I can't be sure there are no mistakes, but it's certainly working for them.

A multi meter would be nice to make sure.

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