How do I watch video OSD on Yamaha YDS-11Sl



I have a Yamaha HTR-6180 receiver with the YDS-11SL dock. I have no problem with music OSD but video is another issue. I'm visually impaired and my son has it set up so that I take the iPod and view it on my CCTV reader, select the movie then pause it. Back onto the dock and watch it. Is this necessary?

I also have the Logitech Harmony 890 universal remot with extender but can't get it to work with the YDS-11SL so we use the Yamaha remote.

Any help?
Doug in Ottawa


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Hi Doug, welcome to AVForums

You can only play videos/pictures from the iPod menu if you haven't switched to OSD mode. So power off the amp, switch it back on and select 'V-Aux/Dock' - the diaplay should now say 'dock listening'. No NOT press the 'display' key, just navigate to videos using the iPods own screen. Select your video and play, after a few seconds it should switch to the TV screen.

Same goes for photos (note you can select music first to play while watching the slide show).



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