How do I use the control outputs on the AVR350 to turn a mains socket on and off?


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I have a B&W PV1 subwoofer, which has an "auto sense" mode for power, where it detects an input signal and turns itself on. This is fine with music and DVDs, which seem to consistently produce sound in the relevant frequency bands, but when watching digital TV, the sub turns itself on and off fairly regularly. This means I miss the first bit of any deep bass, but more irritatingly, I can hear the power relays in the PV1 switching every few minutes.

What I'd like to do is to have the PV1 switched on and off by one of the control connections on the AVR350. The PV1 doesn't have a compatible control connection, but if I could get something that plugs into a mains socket and is turned on and off my the signal from the 350, I could set the PV1 to be on constantly, and use this method to turn it on and off.

I could make a switching box fairly easily - a mains socket, a mains plug and a relay to go between them. My questions are

1) Does anyone already make such a box (to save me from having to get the soldering iron out...)?

2) Does the control connection on the back of the 350 produce enough current to directly drive a relay, or will I burn it out if I do this?


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I've bought a so called "Master-Slave" plug box (sorry I don't know if this is the right word). I've connected my AVR 350 to the main socket. In power off and standby mode the auxiliary sockets are switched off. As soon as I switch on the AVR 350, the auxiliary sockets are powered. I've connected my sub-woofer, LCD TV and my music server (laptop) to these auxiliary sockets. I works great.

Here is the web-link to the "Master Slave" plug box I've bought:

Unfortunately I don't know if a similar version exists for the UK market. :rolleyes:


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Thanks for that - just bought something similar called an Intelliplug - 15 quid from Maplin. Works perfectly!

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