How do I switch on Progressive scan on 42WH36? and XBOX?


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Oct 18, 2003
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When using a component connection from my XBOX or DVD player, do I just switch tv mode to progressive? or will it still work in active mode?

Also what setting do I put the HDTV setting on the XBOX?
IIRC, to get the xbox to deinterlace and produce 480p and (where games support it) 720p, you will need to chip your xbox and switch it into NTSC (USA) mode. The PAL (UK/Europe) xbox does not support progressive scan directly, like the USA one does.

I *believe* that if you just place your TV into progressive mode whilst running a standard PAL xbox, you will get 480p (the WH36 will deinterlace?) but I'm not definite on that.

Also, the xbox (either PAL or NTSC) will not play DVDs in progressive, AFAIK.
Oh my xbox is modded and I had to select between 480 , 720 and another one I think 1080.

Which should I choose?

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