How do I switch between Projector and TV?


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This is my first post and I hope it is not a completely stupid question.

I currently have a vt460 projector and a standard 32" TV and I need to support signals from TV/SKY, DVD, XBOX 360 etc. My projector has inputs for RGB,S-Video and Video.

My question is really what is the best way (hardware) to enable a setup that will allow me to choose any of the potential inputs and then choose which output (TV or projector).

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Hi Michael welcome to the forums, i have moved this to projectors for you as you should get a better response from there :)


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You're going to need some form of switch and probably a signal convertor.
I'm luck in that my PJ can take an RGBs input the same as SCART. So all my devices are fed into a B-Tech Quintro+ which outputs RGB over SCART for the TV and RGBs via a SCART>phono adapter to the PJ.

If your PJ takes a SCART input then that would give you the same solution but you probably need to convert to component for your PJ (most do).
In which case you could use a Quinto+ AND a SCART to component convertor (search for JS Technologies and Keene in this forum).

There are other options - AV amplifiers have switching built in but multiple outputs used to be rare. My kit isn't cutting edge so you may find newer amps offer more.
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