How do I sound proof my lounge???


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Hi All,

I have a quick question that could turn into a interesting discussion. I have read up on acoustic improvements in your home and the different foams you can buy to improve this. However I am not looking so much for acoustic perfection as my speakers and setup for me is already superb. I am looking more towards sound proofing my lounge.

Is this safe?
Is it possible?
How do you go about doing it?

I heard from a friend that one of his relatives did this and when he opened the door a mass of noise from his stereo could be heard. Upon closing the door again to his lounge hardly anything could be heard. The same from outside the house.

Would the window be a problem as they would let sound waves out surely. I can see how a door would be relatively easy to sound proof but walls, windows etc how do you do it without having to redecorate the whole place ontop of some strange foam business?

Can you give me some ideas / examples please...

Your help once again is very much appreciated.



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Difficult to do without redecorating. I believe you can get Rockwool injected (Blown) into the gaps between the walls with minimal disruption. How good or expensive this is I don't know. Silicon sealant around all gaps would also help.
The only way to do it properly (to my knowledge) is to start from scratch and do floors, walls, ceilings and all. Not what you want to hear I know.
Oh and steer away from the B&Q stuff. It's rubbish.


I have researched this a few times online, there are firms that produce sound insulations products but as far as I could see most insulating board has to be held off the wall by a metal frame, so you are effectively building false walls which means losing space and lots of work (and probably expense) and yes re-decorating.
Then there are various pads and layers for ceilings and floors.

Only other useful tip I have had is that greatest noise over or under walls i.e. in a house it can help to thicken insulation under floors and eaves.

Good luck !
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