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How Do I Ship Electronics?
In this article, you will read a quick guide on shipping electronics and gadgets, how to package them properly, and how to save most money while doing it.

You might be stuck at home these days during the COVID pandemics, but that doesn’t mean the wheel of technology has stopped. Each day, new improvements, inventions, and advances in the tech industry continue to happen. As we are looking for new opportunities to socially connect during this time of social distancing, shipping the latest and greatest electronics can be a great way to stay plugged in. Maybe you’d like to send your friend a PS or you’d like to send an old laptop across the country. Whatever the case, this guide will run you through the basics of shipping electronics, and how to do it correctly.


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What is the cheapest way of shipping electronics by courier?

Thankfully, you do not have to do research on your own. Our platform offers you the cheapest shipping prices to and from countless of locations. And how do we ensure that we offer the most competitive prices on the market? We have gathered a vast network of couriers and combined many shipping services on our software. Then, our fully automatized software will instantly choose a courier that offers the most cost-efficient shipping solution for your needs.

How to pack electronic goods for shipping by courier?
Prepare the necessary materials and follow these simple steps to pack electronic goods for shipping by courier:
  1. Put your electronic device in its original packaging, or alternatively, any other fitting box.
  2. If you are not using the original packaging, make sure you add enough packing peanuts inside the box to protect your shipment while in transit. Place them on the bottom, and continue filling the voids after you have placed the electronics inside the box.
  3. Close the box and seal it with adhesive tape.
  4. Wrap the box in bubble wrap to provide an extra layer of protection.
  5. Put the package in a bigger box.
  6. Add cushioning materials so that the original box cannot move.
  7. Seal all the sides of the box with tape.
  8. Label the box if necessary. You can also use stickers “Fragile” or “Handle with care”.
Pro Tip: You might also want to consider purchasing custom packaging to ensure that your electronic items arrive unharmed. If you have the original packaging from when the item was first purchased, this will also do the trick!

Insurance Coverage for Shipping Electronic Items

You’ll always want to add insurance onto these shipments to cover yourself against any damage that may occur in transit. Before shipping your electronics, do some research to ensure that the insurance you’re using includes the items you’re shipping!

Pro Tip: Taking photos of your item pre-shipment will also work in your favour, should you need to file a damage claim. This will help the insurance company determine the loss of value and repair estimates quicker. If possible, snap a few pictures of the items you’re shipping before you get packing.

How to ship electronics with batteries?
Regulations on shipping laptops and other lithium battery-powered gadgets:
  • Shipping electronics internationally or across the country is perfectly legal both for private individuals and for authorized resellers if the devices comply with the requirements below.
  • Items containing attached, non-removable lithium-ion batteries can be sent by all modes of transport, provided they comply with the parameters outlined in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria:

Single-cell batteries:
No more than 2 cells, ≤ 20Wh


Multi-cell batteries:
No more than 4 cells, ≤ 100Wh

Devices with lithium batteries exceeding the above specifications cannot be transported by air but can be carried by road or travel by sea. These restrictions do not apply to older gadgets powered by nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and nickel-metal hybrid (NiMH) batteries.
Batteries of any kind must always be transported and shipped inside the device. All other relevant battery charge and other transportation recommendations for every gadget model can be found in the manufacturer’s product information sheet.

For electronic devices sent overseas by courier between non-EU member states, a customs declaration will be required. Do not try to lower the value of imported goods, 4otherwise, the package may be seized by the customs officers. Check all the details in advance.
If you are still unsure about your electronics delivery options, let our logistics experts walk you through the process. Receive real-time assistance through our live chat.

Use online booking platforms to ship electronics more affordably

Now that we’ve gone over packing your electronics properly, let’s talk about the cheapest ways to ship them. Are you an individual willing to buy a new gadget at a better price abroad? Or an electronics reseller looking for a reliable delivery partner for your business? Get the right service for shipping electronics internationally and across the country with Eurosender! Generally speaking, shipping electronics safely can definitely be expensive, given the amount of time, energy, packaging, and postage that you’ll invest in your shipment. You’ll definitely want to save as much cash as you can, so using online shipping platforms will be the way to go as you ship your items out.

You’re ready to ship from there, so grab your bubble wrap and get going!


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