Question How do i set the Crossovers for this Amp and Speakers ?


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hi AV members , i need a little help setting up my Amplifier and new Speakers. The Amp is a Denon AVR-X1100W 7.2 Integrated Network AV Receiver and Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speakers.

ok i don't know what to set the Crossovers at...........

in the Amps menu it goes Speakers>Manual Setup>Crossovers>Front

also there is another option i can possibly tweak

Speakers>Manual Setup>Bass>Mode LFE>LPF (LFE)

the manual to the Speakers is below.............

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 bookshelf speaker, giant killer amongst sonic midgets - Bookshelves - Speakers


Your receiver has Audyssey room correction so the first thing you have to is follow the onscreen instructions to run Audyssey. Audyssey will set the crossovers for you. After running you should check the speaker sizing, you should set them to small. Next check the crossover settings. Do not set them lower than that set by Audyssey, ideally 80kHz should be set for the front three, which should be achievable with your speakers.

As for the sub set LPF for LFE to 120, which should be the default anyway.


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thanks gibs for the info , the Crossovers have been set via Audyssey and i've changed the LPF to your suggestion.

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