Question How do I repair this old speaker?


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I inherited a really cool Sears LXI Series Sound System from my grandparents. It's probably 30+ years old.

One of the speakers' jacks is missing--ripped off at some point--and I have no clue how to repair it, since the speaker wires (positive and negative) go to a single jack.

In other words, since I don't know much about this stuff, the back of the system only has one input for L and one for R, but it uses 2 speakers. One whole speaker for L and one for R. I'm used to banana connectors, 2 per speaker (red and black), but this thing is only a single jack per speaker. .. I have no idea how to repair this. Please help.


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Can you post pictures so we can see what the jacks are ?


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Sure. Here is a picture of an outgoing cable from the speaker as well as an image of the back of the system. Notice that the L Jack has one of the speakers plugged in, and also notice that both the positive and negative lines are somehow going into the single L jack.


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Ok, looking at the pictures it seems as though it is a standard passive system where they have replaced the usual banana plus with an rca phono plug. So, my guess, and it is only that, is that the two core cable coming out of the speaker should be connected with the rca plug with the wire with the stripe going to the centre pole and the non stripe cable going to the outer portion. So, stripe is red on bananas and no stripe is black, red is the centre pole on rca and stripe is the outer.

You can get rca plugs from amazon if they have been cut off.

Not sure if this helps but what I can tell from the photo.


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I'm a little unclear, is it the Speaker Wire connector that is the problem, or is it the connector on the Stereo Amp Cabinet that is the problem.

Both can be replaced, but we need to know which one it is that needs replacing.

You can find a range of RCA Plugs for the speaker cables on Amazon-UK. Here are some examples -

Most will require soldering. However, for a Speaker Cable, some like this that only require a Screwdriver might be easier -
Or this type that is similar but doesn't even require a Screw Driver, not they are a little fatter, so make sure you have room for them -

Otherwise, there are many of the solder type that are available -

Your RCA Jacks on the Amp Panel appear to be in pair held in place with a single screw. I know these exist, but can't find any at the moment, but these panel jacks can be replaced individually -,k:rca+female+chassis+jack,k:rca+female+chassis+jack+pair

Again, I know they can be replaced in Pair too, I just didn't find a link.

This would be an example, though not exactly what you need -

This is probably the closest to what you have that I can find in a short time -

For what it is worth.


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