How do I remote turn on/off my power amp?


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Hi guys

I have a Denon AVR3600 amp, and a 500w monoblock sub amp. The sub amp doesn't have any other switch than the wall, the Denon has a switched 240v supply out the rear but is not powerful enough to feed the sub amp. I found this Rotel line conditioner HERE which is exactely what I need, albeit american and discontinued! It has a unswitched feed to power the denon, and switched feeds (via 110v switch) for the sub amp etc. Does anyone know of a product for around the £100 - £150 range that will do what this did?

Many thanks in advance



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Sorry, does anyone have any thoughts or have I been a muppet and posted this in the wrong section?



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Bump for you mate.

Surely someone can give instructions on how to wire up a relay to do the trick.


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OK, so this is how I have done my setup...
My Yamaha reciever has a switched 240V o/p like yours.
Although this can power low power equipment, more is best!
I have a dual socket behind my AV stand.
The first socket powers my amp. I have made a small box of tricks from a plastic project box out of Maplin. There are 3 cables running to the box.
1. Switching power in (from your reciever).
2. Main power source in (plugging into the second socket)
3. Switched power out (for all the bits i need powering when amp is on).

Inside I have some very simple wiring.

I purchased a power relay with the project box. This relay had 240V coil (switching volts). The contacts are rated at something like 15A (far in excess of what is needed).
The relay I got also had an optional plug-in base with screw terminals, this is more for conveniance. The output switched power runs to a 4-way mains block (I cut the lead in half and used the plug side for the main power in lead)
Use a dual pole relay and switch both the live and neutral, but keep the earth running directly to the switching output.

This is an example of the relays I have used with success.. Please note these are an example, but are not rated high enough. If you do use these, you must use a lower rated fuse in in the plug of the input.

I hope this sortof makes sense... I would also seek guidance from someone who knows about mains wiring etc AND USE GROMMETS for all cables going through the plastic box to avoid exposing live wires in the future...



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Many thanks Gareth, that does make sense I'll head to maplins on the weekend and source the bits and bobs I need, cheers for you help on this. Watch for the fireball over godalming! ;)

@ Kahuna - many thanks mate.


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No problems at all.

I'd also suggest you put an inline fuse on the live wire coming from your Denon...

If you somehow wire the relay wrong, you dont want to blow fuses in the amp!

Look at the socket on the back and make it lower than it can handle. If you can get quick blow 1A or something like that.




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Also, if anyone is interested, you can do the same for computers... using the USB sockets!

You use a 5V coil, high current contacts, and wire the coil to pins 1&4 on the USB plug, which is also available at maplins.

If anyone would like pics of either of my boxes, just ask cos they are not in the system at the moment...

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