how do i register wireless router??


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I have just installed a D-Link DI-624+ wireless router in my system. The giude asks me to type into my url and enter - this should bring me to a registration screen - I have tried this about 20 times now but keep getting "this page can not be displayed. any ideas most greatfully appreciated

Im also trying to connect a XDA2S pda to the new network and ideally surf the net and sync it with my pc by wifi, Im new to all of this including the PDA so would much apreciate any advice PLEASE :lease:


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How have you got it connected to your pc?

should be:
cable/dsl - cable/adsl modem - cat5- router - cat5 - PC

hope that makes sense.


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Is this a new network setup or have you been using the PC connected directly to an ADSL modem?

How have you connected the PC to the router? IMX it's common that the initial setup of a wifi router has to be done using a wired connection.

Right-click on My Network Places, click Properties, right-click on the icon for your network card, click Properties, on the General tab double-click Internet Protocol and tell us what it says there.

Ignore the PDA for the time being. :)


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Probably giving away my own ignorance but it might be worth trying No idea what gets configured as .1.1 and what as .0.1 but I had a DLink 604+ that used .0.1. Plus I agree with KraGorn, if you can its better to start with a wired connection if you can. This lets you check whether the problem's with the network configuration or the WiFi connection.



What is the IP address of the PC? It needs to be in the same subnet. If you have it set to DHCP it should get a suitable address from the router. If you have it set to a specific address you need to change it it to DHCP.



I have a similar problem. I bought a Belkin Pre-N Router & D-link modem yesterday. I am waiting for my adsl line to be activated.
I thought I'd try and get the netwrok up & running before the ADSL is activated.
The setup CD will only work if you are connected to the internet via ADSL. If this is not the case you can set it up manually. The first step says to connect to the modem (surely you don't need to have an ADSL connection just to set up a wirelss network!?). The next step is to type in " without http://.
When I do this it wants to connect to the internet by dial up. If I work offline then nothing happens.


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On Internet Explorer go to Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings and make sure the box "Automatically detect Settings" is UNticked. Also, you cannot have a proxy server so untick that box in case it is ticked. This should let you access the Router.

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