How Do I post my Sony MicroDimm Memory sticks here to sell?


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New to the boards. I was given a Sony Tr3A Net-book I will not be using. How would I post the memory from it (2x 172 pin 256mb MicroDimms) for sale here on the boards? Thanks!


As a new member you may have trouble posting in the classified sections of the forum
To post a new advert, use the Post New Advert button.
If you can't find that button (to the right of the breadcrumb), then you don't have permission to create a new advert.
This could be for one of several reasons. Please read our FAQ for help.
and from the FAQ:
You do not have the right permissions. You need to have the user group Member to post in the classifieds. New Members will need to get promoted before they can post in the classified forums. If you are already a Member, then have you been banned from trading? Check your membership status here: Membership Information | AVForums
New Member, imposes some minor restrictions to discourage spammers and scammers, and also to encourage new members to contribute to the community. To advance to the next level - Member - the new member has to have been around for a day, posted at least once and earned three positive post ratings. Members can post in our classifieds and enter competitions as well as use other standard features.
But once you become a 'Member' you can post your for sale thread here: Computer Classifieds | AVForums
Please read the trading rules before creating the for sale thread: Trading Rules | AVForums


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