How do I play U.S GT4 on unmodded PS2?


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I wanted to play GT4 in 1080i on my new LCD with my PAL PS2 and I realised I had to buy the US version of GT4. I got the game off ebay along with the swap magic 3.6 disc, but I have only just found out that it isn't compatible with a disc, after much web searching...

I am now a bit ****** off, and I wanted to know if anybody knew how to play a US version of GT4 without a mod chip as I dont want to damage my warrenty. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry as I am not anwering your question. I am using Japan version for both the GT4 and the console and running 1080i with my 26" LCD TV. Please dont expect too much as the quality seems not as good as I expected


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Have to disagree there. I have GT4 (US version) and I believe in 1080i that the game looks astonishing! Looks better that any xbox racer out there. Of course, if you have been playing the likes of PGR3, then of course it will look a little unrefined to say the least. Just remember that it is running on a six year old console when playing it.

BTW, if you have an NTSC version of the game and the swap disk cheat does not work on you, then your PAL machine, then you will have to look at another means of playing it....Unless HD loader works with GT4....Anyone know if it does?


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Thanks for the reply, I am definitly not going to let this one rest... I may look on other forums additionally, but if anyone does know another means of making it play instead of a mod chip, PLEASE TELL!!!.



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You're going to have to rip the game to a single-layer DVD5 - that's the problem - the original is a DVD9, and some DVD9s trip up Swap Magic...

Look at the guide on this page:

You can get any tools you can't find elsewhere on this page: - Click on the Tools link in the left-hand pane...

I also disagree with the comments about the lacklustre 1080i mode. I think it's tremendous. It cuts down on LOADS of jaggies, and gives a much smoother image on my setup...way improved even over the 480p option, which even looks fantastic in other games!


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Thanks mate!!!!!:smashin: Thats just what I've been askin for!!! I'll get to work over the weekend and let u know the results and my thoughts on PAL picture compared to US 1080i. Thanks again.:)

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