Question How do I make Tidal play gapless on my stereo? SOLVED


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hi all,
Excuse the cross posting, not too sure whether this should be under hi-fi/music streamers or movie & music streaming services.
I'm trying to enjoy the delights of gapless playback on Tidal through my Denon 3313 from either my iPad or iPhone. So far I have tried the following, all wireless connections via 5Ghz network.
Tidal App AirPlay directly to the Denon from iPhone and iPad (Denon wired connection to Airport that phone/pad connected to) - gaps between songs, quite big.
Tidal App AirPlay to AppleTV 4 connected via HDMI to Denon. ATV4 is wireless on same Airport - gaps, slightly shorter.
Tidal via Musiccast on a Yamaha WCX-50, connected to optical in on Denon - gaps, about the same length as via ATV.
Tidal App via airplay to the WCX-50, connected as above - gaps.

When I play the Tidal app out of my iPad speaker there are no gaps, same with Tidal App on my Mac Mini. Also, airplay to all 3 devices from the Mac Mini (in a different room) is gapless too but then I have to keep gong into the other room to change tracks etc!

Any ideas?



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After a bit of reading up I've managed to solve this...

1. Installed Java Runtime and BuppleUPnP server my QNAP NAS
2. Crated a new 'OpenHome' renderer for my Denon 3313, using FLAC
2. Installed Linn Kazoo on my iPad
3. Logged into Tidal through the Linn app
4. Tested with one of the best live albums of all time, It's Alive by The Ramones
5. Achieved Gapless nirvana (well, might try them later!)

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