how do i make emitter / sensor platforms?


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Hi There,

not sure if this is the right place for general help questions, but that other help thread just looks enormous... so here it is, sos if it's misplaced:

I'm trying to build a platform that then spawns another platform a jump away, which in turn spawns a platform etc - the effect is to try and create a floating staircase that disappears once you have jumped onto the next platform...

Using the dark material and putting an emitter on it, then a sensor switch to activate the emiter, i can get it to spawn one more platform, but the newly emitted platform won't make a chain...

Any ideas anyone?




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I think you just need to make all your platforms emit one after the other. So if you want 10 platforms you need 10 emitters. Then just adjust the sync properties of each emitter to make 1 appear after another.

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