How do I integrate my Naim250 into an AV system?


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Hi all,
My first post here, I'm looking for some advice on integrating my existing 2 channel system into a reasonable home cinema system.
I currently have:
Naim 250 plus 32.5 preamp
Kef R 500 speakers.
NAD 1050 DAC

I enjoy the existing stereo system, and would like to retain it, but integrate it as the front speakers/amp in a surround sound system.

This is my first step into an AV system, so don't want to spend a fortune.

From my own research, I guess I need:
An AV decoder or
AV decoder/amplifier with pre out fronts to allow use of my amplifier. (remote control is a must)
Centre and rear speakers
A projector and screen suitable for a room that's not too dark at times. (I'd like to have an image about 2m across)

As this is my first toe in the water, I'd like to minimise cost, and upgrade later if I become 'hooked'
Recommendations for good quality used kit, or end of line discounted items would fit the bill perfectly.
thanks in advance

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The usual way would be to replace your 32.5 and use a processor. I have found for a 7 bed system that using the AV2 is still the best for me. The naim AV2 is used as a 6 channel preamp effectively as the digital conversion for film has to be in the player

So my set up is Panasonic 9000 > naim AV2 > 32.5 to front LR amps, then to Amos for SL,SR etc
I also EQ 3 subs using a Mini DSP (so AV2> Mini DSP> 3 subs)

The sound I am getting now with a modified 9000 (power supply and analogue board) is better in a 7.3.0 system than I was getting with an Acurus ACT4 for film.

If you want to play 2 Chanel you simply feed the AV2 via a different input, the only thing you need to do when setting up is have. marker on the volume wheel of the naim 32.5

When playing film the naim AV2 remote operate the system. Naium AV2's are super cheap now....


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An AV amp with pre outs could be used in the same manner.

However it's a little inconvenient setting the volume on the 32.5, if you forget to turn it down before listening to music the volume level will be very loud.

I used to use a NAD integrated along side an AV amp. The NAD had preout and power amp in terminals joined by some links, with the links removed it was essentially a power amp and preamp but in the same box

I used a 2 input to 1 output RCA switch box to connect the preouts from the stereo pre and AV amp with the output going to the power amp section.

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