How do I install Windows 8 from a memory stick?


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I've recently bought a new laptop, a Samsung NP370R5E-A02UK.

The laptop is used and has Windows 8 installed on it, but I want to do a fresh clean install and wipe the hard drive so that I can start from scratch.

However, the laptop has no CD drive. I have a genuine copy of Windows 8 that I bought and downloaded from Microsoft online when it first came out. It is an ISO file.

Is there any way to put this ISO onto a memory stick and then make the laptop boot from the memory stick so that I can install it? If so, how do I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance :)


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I have another question.

The copy of Windows 8 I am currently running on my old laptop was bought and downloaded on the day of release from Microsoft online (as stated above).

I want to install this copy of Windows 8 to my new laptop, but I am aware that the license only allows it to be activated on one machine. If I install Windows 7 on my old laptop, thus wiping Windows 8 from it, and then install Windows 8 on my new laptop, will this work? Or is my copy of Windows 8 tied to my old laptop forever no matter what? Am I gong to run into problems when using my key to activate Windows 8 on my new machine?

Thanks :)

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If you use a stock Win 8 download you will likely need to go hunting around for drivers.

However, the computer will have a hard drive based recovery that you can use to reinstall Windows 8 back to factory settings. That includes wiping the hard drive.

If you tap the F4 key as soon as you turn the computer on it will take you to the Samsung Recovery Solution screen where you can do this. Google it as there's a useful Samsung support web page that'll show you what to do.

Or there will be a Samsung utility available from within Windows that will allow you to make a recovery USB. Your can then use this to reinstall Windows 8 & all the drivers and software it came with out of the box new. This is worth doing anyway, in case the hard drive were to die.

Computer manufacturers are required by Microsoft to provide these features if they don't supply physical disks - which nobody does any more.

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