How do I improve the sound from my pc?

Pack Dude

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I am hopping to improve the sound from my pc which I use for music and also as a HCPC.

I am using the SPDIF output of a Soundblaster Audigy soundcard connected to a Denon AVC A11SR amp using a cable that I think was meant for a subwoofer, its made by SOXI.

Would I hear any improvement if I changed to another cable?

Soundcard, I am happy to use the amp to do all the decoding so I only use the digital output. Is there a soundcard with a better digital output or do they all more or less do the same thing?

I am using my old speakers Tannoy 611’s front a Yamaha centre speaker and missions for the back, I guess this is the weakest part of my setup, but I am used to the sound from my Tannoys which I have had for almost ten years and will be sorry to see them go.

I was going to buy a 5.1 speaker setup but I want to put music first. Can anyone recommend some speakers for the front three hopefully magnetically shielded? And also back speakers? I only want two at the back for now.
Is there something else I should be thinking about?

Thanks for any help :)


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Hi Pack Man,

1. Digital Signals are diffrent from Analogue - Firstly do you hear any pops and cracks? If not there is no point in replacing your cable - a pop or crack represents a frame drop (i.e. a loss of data) if this is not occuring the 1's and 0's of a digital signal will reach your Amp identical to how they left the PC.

2. Is there a soundcard with a better digital output? Yes, I am not certian exactly how good the digital output on your creative card is but I am certain that either an Audiophile 2496 or a Terratec DMX 6Fire Transmit an unaltered or bit perfect digital signal - this is what you are looking for.

Also be careful of what player and OS you use, Under Windows XP Directsound (used by winamp, Mediaplayer etc. etc.) resamples digital signals in A nasty way - you can get a plug in for WinAmp that bypasses Directsound it was on the other boards (AVS) - think it was called Winamp ASIO plugin but I am not certain.



Not sure if there are ASIO drivers for Audigy. If there are, I would suggest going this route and using the ASIO plug-in for winamp. I am using the beta version of Music Jukebox which has ASIO support and this works very well. Monkeys Audio files are indistinquishable from those played by my Arcam CD player!

BTW.. Im using an MAudio Audiophile soundcard...


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I hate being pedantic, but the cable is probably by IXOS not SOXI (can see how the error occured) - however IXOS do make good cables so I'd be inclinded to agree that that is not at fault (especially if its digital as pointed out previously).
Make sure you're using the latest drivers as this might solve issues with playback - are you playing back from HD or CD?
I'm having similar issues with muddy sound playback so thanks for the tips regarding the winamp ASIO plug-in - i'll give that a go.

Pack Dude

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i dont hear any pops or cracks from the speakers so i guess the cable is ok :)

Thanks for the ASIO tip i found loads about it on the avs forum

I am using windows ME but i also have win XP i will play around with the plugin and see how it goes.

I will have a hard think about another soundcard but i dont want to spend the money and not hear any difference. I also like the front mic and headphone plugin the soundblaster give me.

I use the HD for playback mp3 and wav.

Thanks for your help


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lol. I didn't think many people would use the name.
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