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How do i get two VGA Cables hooked up to one TV?


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I have a Samsung LCD TV, it is not HD, and at the back i have 1x VGA Port, 1x Scart Lead Port and 1x DVI Port.

Now i want to have two of my Xbox 360s connected to one TV.

One of my Xbox has a VGA cable connected on it, and im happy with the video output it displays :)

Now, the other Xbox 360, tried the Component cable and the video output sucks @ss. So component cable is no good. Now second, i tried a HDMI Cable with DVI adaptor, now that works good, it is atleast better than component cable but worse than VGA Cable. But still, its hard to read when playing a game. So HDMI-DVI cable is no good.

Now i dont know of any other cables that i can use, but i want 2x VGA Cable hooked onto my TV, so each VGA on each Xbox 360, but the problem is, my tv only has one VGA port.

So what can i do?


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Sounds like one of two options :-

Either buy yourself a vga switchbox or simply unplug the 360 you aren't using and plug in the other one, obviously you can leave the vga cable hooked up to the tv/monitor and just switch the av cable end from one 360 to the other.

I know option 2 sounds really obvious, but unless you can't reach the back of either console, not sure why this isn't just the easiest option ?.


http://www.maplin.co.uk/searchtemplate.asp?criteria=VGA SWITCH BOX
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Thanks for the replys, but why would you think HDMI-DVI is beter than VGA?

I have a 19 inch LCD TV, and and an Elite Xbox, well however the elite did not come with cables so you know... But do you know of any good setting i can use on DVI-HDMI for elite that will display better video output?

24 P

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DVI is digital, VGA is analog, any time I use VGA on my PC, I can see slight ghosting on icons, letters etc, DVI cleans this up..

You need to make sure your 19 inch monitor will scale to the native resolution of your Xbox..
So if the monitor can scale 720 P, try that resolution..
I would think that it is a 1440 by 900 ws??

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