How do I get Toshiba TV Audio to come through Samsung Home Cinema


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Hi everyone, I've just bought a Toshiba 40LV665D and have the purchased a samsung HT-BD1252 5.1 BluRay home cinema system. I've set the bluray up and speakers etc, and have plugged the hdmi cable in to both. If I put a DVD on it comes through the TV with sound no problem, but if I watch TV no sound comes out of the cinema speakers. I can't find any advanced settings on the TV for audio, so someone suggested trying the red and white audio cables as well. I've tried that and still no luck. Now someone is suggesting buying the optical audio lead, but at £40 is not a cheap option to try if it doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas if that would work?



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I'm not familiar with either your TV or surrround system, but in general terms you should be able to connect the red and white audio output phono connections from the back of the TV to a spare input on the surround system. You will have to select this input (might be labelled 'Aux' or 'CD') in order to hear it. If the TV doesn't have red and white phono audio outputs, you might still be able to use a scart to phono cable (quite cheap if you look on Amazon or similar) in place.

I wouldn't bother with a £40 optical lead for two reasons: One is you could get one for under a fiver if you shop around, two is that you'll still only get stereo out of the TV so you may as well stick with the phono/scart cable option.


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Thanks for your reply. I've tried the red and white cables and there wasn't any sound. Just realised the both sockets on the TV say 'input' above them and the only socket with 'output' above is the optical one, so I assume that will work. i'll try and get a lead for a fiver! Thanks!


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I have recently got the Toshiba 40LV665D and I have a HT TX35 Samsung Cinema system. everything works fine apart from getting tv audio through the cinema system. If i play a DVD it is fine. Previously i had a Samsung R88 tv and i plugged the red and and white audio cable from the samsung tv to the cinema, set the cinema to AUX and watched sky on the telly. I then got the sound through the cinema.

When i do exactly the same on the Toshiba i get no sound. I have also tried an optical cable from telly to cinema and again get nothing. I have plugged a Wii into the same red/white/ (yellow) and that works fine so i guess there is nothing wrong with the ports on the telly.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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