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How do I get the channels back in order on the tuning buttons


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It was simple before the switchover in my part of Somerset - BBC 1 was on channel 1, BBC 2 was on channel 2, ITV 1 was on channel 3 and Channel 4 was on channel 4 !

Now since the retune on 30th September they're all over the place. BBC 1 is on channel 41, BBC2 is on Channel 42, ITV 1 is on channel 1 and Channel 4 is on channel 5. Only ITV 3 (bless it) has stayed at the same place on channel 10 !

To get them back in order, do I have to buy a new set-top box with a sort-out/reorder facility, or even a new TV - or what ?


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You've not given any details regarding the set top box or tv you are using. One trick is to remove the aerial and run the re-tune. Obviously the set will find nothing. Then replace the aerial and run the re-tune again. This works for some people.


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Resetting the set top box or the TV to it's default factory condition and then doing exactly what you did when you bought the product should put everything in the right place.


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some older set top boxes-tvs will not know how to categorize the tv stations, the best way to do this is to fined out your bandwidth in your area then do a re-tune with your aerial unpluged, and when the tuner gets to your bandwidth plug your aerial back in to collect the right channels


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I downloaded new software for the Panasonic digi-box and it fixed it. But shortly afterwards bought a new Matsui 22"+DVD from Currys (£185) with digi built in - so its solved. Thanks everyone !! :thumbsup:

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