How do I get sound on Vista?


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Hi everyone,

I got a Dell Studio Hybrid PC 6 months ago and until recently it's been downstairs connected to my HD TV via HDMI and the sound was fine.

Last week I moved the PC upstairs and cannot get any sound from it at all. It's now connected to Cambridge Soundworks speakers and a bog standar LG CRT monitor.

I'm very new to Vista so haven't a clue how to go about solving this issue. Do i need to download any drivers etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



i would start by double checking all your wires , and the basic things , the chances are that it is something simple that you have over looked , it happens to us all . lol.


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Thanks for the reply.

Everything looks fine in terms of cables. The Soundworks is powered up, volume is up and i'm not muted on the PC.

When I play a music file and go into Control Panel/Sounds. I can see the bars moving for Realtek Digital Output. There is also an option for Speakers but that says not plugged in.

Can anyone help please?

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