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how do i get my remote to work on tvlink??


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hows it goin!

i have set up my tv link and get a picture upstairs on my tv.
i have sky + downstairs and have a normal sky remote 2 use my tv link but my remote doesnt work upstairs!! it changes the volume and changes the normal channels but wont change sky channels or anything!!
sumone please help!!!!!!!!

Davey H

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Have you connected the cable that goes to the upstairs tv to the RF2 out on the Sky box? Have you switched the RF2 power on?


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yea i have done that!
i get my sky channel on my tv upstairs just cant get 2 use the remote 2 change the sky channels. the remote just changes the volume on the tv and changes the tv channels!


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Is the Magic Eye red light on (to show that it is powered from the RF2 out cable connection)? If the red light's not on - you've either not switched RF2 power on, or the cable is not connected to RF2 on Sky box. Make sure you aren't running through any silly switches or distribution boxes or similar - use one long RF cable from RF2 out on sky box to Magic Eye, Magic Eye direct into back of TV.

Just noticed youy say you have Sky+ downstairs but a Sky remote upstairs. You need a Sky+ remote to control a sky+ box, not a Sky remote. Try taking your Sky+ remote from downstairs upstairs, and see whether you can then control the Sky box - though you won't be able to control the TV. If you can control the Sky+ box with the Sky+ remote upstairs, it means that all your connections are correct, it is just that you are using the wrong remote control.

Replace your standard Sky remote with a Sky+ remote.
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oh! just looked and dnt have a red light coming through to upstairs!
im using a coax cable though! is that the same as a rf cable??


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oh! just looked and dnt have a red light coming through to upstairs!
im using a coax cable though! is that the same as a rf cable??

Yes it is. Common source of this problem is a wall plate with a series dc blocking capacitor in it. As another poster said best to use a clean cable and check all the cables are properly terminated. Plug the eye directly into the sky box rf2 output. If the led does not light you may have to turn on the rf2 power in the set up menus.


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