How do I get my money back

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Has anyone any ideas? I recently ordered a CD from what I thought was a reputable internet company. Suffice to say that they couldnt supply it for a long time so as it was for a present I cancelled it. This cancellation was, according to the order history on my account , successful. However they had already taken the money from my account. The point is that I cannot get my money back. Its obviously not a great amount but the principle is there. They do not reply to e-mails at their customer service address, nor phone calls. I just have this feeling that I've been ripped off. Can anyone please suggest what to do next. Yeah OK I will name and shame. It is Musica .co uk. Has anybody out been able to get refunds from these people? Thanks in anticipation
Fidge H
Musica seem to be getting quite a bit of bad press on these forums at the moment - looks like they are going through a bad patch. If you contact your credit card company, there is a procedure whereby they can recover your money. However, sometimes the threat of this is enough to entice the retailer into action, as the card companies charge the retailer a fee for recovering funds for a customer. Try e-mailing them once more (set High Priority), and tell them you are about to contact your credit card company, if they do not reply within 2 working days.
Same story here: have to date provided the worst service of any retailer I have ever dealt with.

I placed an order back on 12th March. Estimated shipping date was at least a week, which is fine as the CD was a rare title. It took longer than expected and sent several stock availability queries but never received a reply. I later cancelled the order in May and didn't receive the refund in expected time so sent an email - no reply. I only received an email reply (from James Henderson) after I sent a fax to them! James agreed to process the refund but nothing had obviously happened as I still had a £11.45 credit on my musica account. After querying this and resolving payment details, James replied back stating that the refund was processed on 2nd June. Almost 3 weeks later the money has still not reached my bank account! I have sent a couple of emails and a fax but still no reply!

Next action ? May be Jersey Trading standards
Phone your credit card company and ask for a chargeback: it's as simple as that.

You'll usually have to fill out a form but you'll get your money back within 28 days.

Unfortunately, I bought the CD with a switch card - so have no cover there.
Have spoken to my bank who say that nothing can be done.

However, musica have just sent me an email saying they will refund me and send me an email when the payment has been processed.

Let's see what happens.
Well, musica have finally refunded me! What a relief! :clap:
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