How do I get in touch with Gamestation


I have the wii no games or controllers which I ordered at the same time, they have not replied to any of my emails and the phone line is always busy and it tells me to call back. Its getting nearer to xmas and they have still not forfilled £150 worth of my order any ideas:mad:


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Juts dug out my Wii reciept from my shop purchase & it lists their mail order number on there as...

0845 345 0335

Give em a bell & yell at them instead :)



Ive rang this no 0845 345 0335 always busy, I will try the other no later cheers:thumbsup:


Still not arrived keep ringing them and still getting told to wait another day


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Gamestation stores seem fine but the online business is a joke. I've had orders simply cancelled. Others I've cancelled have still turned up many weeks later and the whole process is terrible. Unless theres a uber bargain to be had online they are best avoided.


yer i used then when the 2 used games for £20 and 4 used games for £20 deals were on, i ordered six xbox games and when i got them, 4 were for ps2, and 1 didnt work, took them 4 weeks to send me another load even thought i sent them back straight away


I will cancel my PS3 pre order and never order from them again. I have 2 sons with a wii with no games or extra controllers and xmas is fast aproaching

They wont even put me through now when I call the previous no

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