How Do I Get Audio Output On My Hannspree 32" Lcd..please Help!!!



Hi, i have owed the hannspree 32" LCD for almost a year now and i just noticed that there is no plug on the side or behind the LCD for audio output, i just bought me a sharp subwoofer and i need to find a way to get the LCD audio on the subwoofer or at least o the home cinema system via AUX, my question is that since there is no output plug on the LCD is there no hope of ever getting better sound because the inbuilt speakers on the tv is really not good enough for me or at least for my PS3, Wii and XBOX 360...
thanks. materialman
what inputs/outputs does your home cinema system have? if you are using component on your 360 then you can just plug the sound cable direct into the sound system using the rca cable(red/white), if your sound system only has 3.5mm jack input then you will need to get a cable to convert from rca to jack.


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Use the RCA red and white audio out jacks on the back. They are close to the RF Ariel socket. It shows you in the manual how to hook it up to a stereo system in the manual page 8 Labelled A for the E2 model, and page 3 on E1 model labelled G.

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