How do i get a HDV to DVD, without firewire?

Hi i have a toshiba satellite laptop Vista, Core2Duo, 2gb Ram and a sony hdr hc3. I am using Ulead Video Studio and im trying to using the one click to dvd function on the program, however it's asking for a firewire connection and my laptop doesn't have a firewire 400 port. So how am i supposed to connect it? I tried USB (which didn't work), i tried a firewire to usb cable (which didn't work, i think it doesn't support vista) so what are my options. All that came with the camera was a usb cable, hdmi connector and av connectors, no firewire cable so is that what im supposed to use? Should i buy a firewire pci card for laptops (if there is such a thing) and put it into my laptop, what should i do?

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As far as I'm aware, you'll need to buy a firewire cable and use a firewire-equipped computer to import from tape. This is the case with all miniDV based (including HDV) camcorders. Those that offer USB connectivity usually do so only for the transfer of stills and low quality video.



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You do need firewire to get it
There are PCMCIA ( PC card) or PC Express Firewire card easily available provided your laptop has a slot.. If not..:mad:
HDV can be downcoverted during capture on the fly to SD (DV AVI) which can then be used to make a DVD
USB will simply not do
Another way is to go via the settop DVD recorder route.. with or without firewire
You can either use the DVD Video so produced as is or use the disc on a PC to then capture and edit

PS:Sorry if it seems Ive repeated the above post : It was simultaneous posting
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I'll link to a couple of products you could use, in addition to the info given previously :)

If your laptop has a PCMCIA slot you can get a firewire card , like this one and it's not expensive.

If it's an Express Card slot instead, you'd need something like this, which thankfully costs about the same but there are far more espensive versions available as well.

Edit: I'm looking at the Toshiba website and think your laptop will have an Expresscard slot.
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