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How do I force a refresh rate?


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WHen I first boot my media centre, as soon as the application loads, after around 3 seconds, the screen "jumps" and narrows, leaving slight borders top and bottom. It looks squashed.

if I quit the Media Centre app, and then open it again it is OK (as reverting to the Desktop makes it "jump" back.

It seems to retain this until the next "cold" reboot.

ANy ideas? Do I need to use the Reg key to force MCE to use 50Hz always?

If so, can somebody remind me how please! ??

Many thanks


I would like to know too, I'm totally confused.

There is the desktop refresh rate, then the MediaCenter refresh rate, then what the TV card is outputting, in my case seemingly stuck at 60hz (Radeon X800pro).


That Reg key has not worked for me........

General lack of information on using MCE with CRT TV sets, both here and other MC forums, maybe people are putting up with the refresh rate are not even noticing it.


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I've been using MCE for over 18 months, but only about 8-9 months actually in the livingroom plugged into the TV.

I have an ATI Radeon gfx card connected to my Finlux CRT TV using a Keene VGA-SCART cable.

I use Powerstrip to enforce a widescreen 16:9 resolution of 1024x576 @ 50Hz.

Catalyst Control Centre always indicates that it's running @ 60Hz. Recordings in MCE indicate a frame rate of 59.9fps.

Now everything looks like it's running at 25fps or 50Hz, no tearing or juddering while pans or tilts are played back from live tv, except on Ch5.

This is more noticable when the news is on, the scrolling text judders as it flows from right to left and the presenters lips look like they're doing more work than they need too...........I put a post on their forum earlier today to see if Rick can confirm a few things.

As I've said, everything else is absolutely superb. PAL dvd's are also excellent.

Now. I assume everyone else in this thread is using a CRT TV, yes?

If so, download Powerstrip and have a play about with that.

I have a word doc with instructions on how to set up PS with a custom VGA-SCART cable. deksawyer at lineone dot net.

I believe (but stand to be corrected) that using s-video limits the choice of scan frequency and resolution, plus, it's pretty poor compared with the custom VGA cable.

If you want a cable, get in touch with Keene and ask for a Radeon>SCART cable. It's a custom cable and takes around a week to be made. Around £35. Note, you obviously need a Radeon card/onboard gfx for it to work.

It's a bit of a pain to set up, but once it's done, it is so worth it!! I'll help if I can...........



To force a 50hz refresh rate when going into windows you can tell directx to do this as follows:

Start>Run>Then type "DXDIAG"> Then hit the More Help tab at the top right and select "Override" and type in "50" in the override value box and save. You should find that this will force MCE to display at 50hz.

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