How do i fix a I2C failure on a barcoData 701s


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Ive got a I2C failure on a Barco data 701s, this is stopping me adjusting 1 of 24 zones in the convergence, plus some menus are unavailable , and is stopping me selecting video or S-Video on CH1 or just comes up Failure I2C error

So what board needs changing?,, or how do i repair it ?. :lease:

Thanks Guys



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Hi Mick,

Seem to remember Roland saying that an IC2 on the convergenze board meant that the "Bella" chip for that zone had failed. This would mean the chip for that zone would need replacing and they're probably hard to come by unless you have a spare board. You would need to refer to the convergence board schematics to see which chip was which zone. You'd also need to refer to the error codes which I think are in one of the user, install or service manuals. Does the error code refer to a specifc zone when you try adjusting that zone?

I think I'm right on this one - its as much as I remember when I had my convergence board problems.

Hope this helps,



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Hi Simon
Thanks for replying

All the zone errors ...well theres only 1 zone its center screen , but down 1.... the error mesage i thought it was IC2 error , but its I2C error.. then Addr.:EOH

But this same error comes up when trying to select CH1 or CH2.

And as im only using a Compsite video source ... means the PJ Is usless


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Hmmm - by CH1, CH2 I presume you mean selecting the inputs port 1 and port 2 by pressing the respective number on the remote?

I've had a quick check of a manual and you're right its I2C - I always end up reversing it. It would indicate a hardware error and I think the the I and C refer to Integrated Circuit and thats why I always reverse it in my head to IC. Addr prefix presumably is the address (or physical position on board or serial number or something) of the IC in question. When you say "the same error" is the Addr part always the same as well? If so one would assume that this ivolves just the one Integrated Circuit then and that its probably on the convergence board being that one of your zones is affected. If the addr is different when you select ch1 or ch2 then this would indicate seperate faults.

I'd start by looking at the zone chips on the convergence board and see if you can match a chip number to the addr part of the fault identification code. The chips are the big black ones with multiple legs. Also a copy of the service manual could prove most helpful here or advice from a Barco service engineer on I2C code specifics. Perhaps search for a list of I2C error codes on the net.

I'm learning myself also - I'm no electronics engineer and if anyone thinks I've given totally incorrect advice please feel free to correct me. Those are just pointers to how I'd go about fault finding having done a bit of it myself also.

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Im sure you posted this only days ago....

The IC2 error IS a convergence chip error....

EOH IS the chip number and clearly marked on the convergence board.

That chip acording to your error needs to be replaced......

PLEASE write all info from the top of the chip as I might have a spare board here......

The input error I am not 100% sure is related to the IC2 error.....
Can you get any input from rgb at all?
Can you get all 3 gun to work in say the install or guided set up....


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hi madmrh

yes all the guns work, the PJ works perfect on RGB using the sync on green setup on CH6

the convergence can be worked around with carfull aliginment.

the problem is theres no picture when using composite video or comes up, input no longer available, or, error 12C error EOH when trying to select CH1 or CH2

as most of my equipment is composite vid like to get it fixed


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Just a thought, but if you have a half decent PC and a graphics card capable of supporting powerstrip and the required sync modes, buy a capture card and run Dscaler. For fifty quid you can have a half decent image.


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Where can i get a spare convergence board for a Barco Data 701s, with the convergence chips on ..IC2 EOH has gone!

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