How do I find out the value of Laser Discs (to sell them)?


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Nov 21, 2021
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Margate, Kent, UK.
My father passed away earlier this year, and I have the task of disposing/selling his rather extensive collection of Audio/Video/Home Cinema collection. I never understood why he kept everything - and i mean everything - pretty much every piece of home electronics from the 70s all the way through to recently. He also kept every box for each piece of equipment, and also seemed to buy two of a lot of his audio / video equipment. It really was his passion, and spent most of his life devoted to this hobby.

Anyway, amongst this is several hundred laser discs. Dad was a bit of an A/V fan/geek, and had a home cinema that he frequently upgraded, right up until the last few years. There are a lot of classic titles in the collection - I even found a copy of Dune - ironic as its back out there at the moment. I think there are several laser disc players, numerous amps, more speakers than you’d probably find in a local cinema, several projectors…its a bit daunting knowing what to do with it all… (It’s a bit like an electronics museum)!

I’ve googled some of the equipment (by looking up models and seeing listing on eBay or Gumtree - some pieces of kit appear to be worth several hundred pounds, some (the more 80s/90s looking stuff) doesn’t really appear on any searches I’ve tried. My assumption is that old stuff - with wooden cases and valves etc - is probably retro and might be collectible, but I just don’t know whether all the 80s and 90s stuff is actually worth anything because my perception is that this sort of tech is always evolving. CD players, tape recorders etc… i have no idea if anyone still uses these or buys them? (I’m in my late 40s, so remember all of this well, but haven’t used any of that kind of tech for a very long time).

I thought I’d try and start with the laser discs - but not sure how I’d find out what price they are worth? I found an article that suggested some discs go for $150 - $250 in the USA, but how on earth do I find out whether any of this collection is actually valuable? Do I simply see if others are selling them and then sell for a similar price on eBay, or are there specialist sites / exchanges for this sort of stuff?

Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Hi Margate73, do you still have the laserdiscs?
All I can say about Laserdiscs based on some fairly recent experience (like 4-5 years ago) is their value is highly variable depending on the "collectability" of the title and/or whoever you happen to get watching your offers. I attempted to sell a good few of mine on EBay (those I had replaced with 5in discs of some sort) and the price gained varied from
0 (didn't sell at all) up to about £30 (I forget which title/s).
None of them were what you'd call special editions. I even sold a damaged (rot) PAL 4x3 title - Saturday Night Fever IIRC.
Sorry to hear of your loss. I sold a handful of run-of-the-mill laserdiscs and a broken Pioneer player several years ago on Ebay with similar results to LV426. Enough to have made it worth my while at least. (Incidentally, I bought the player secondhand off the original DoP of "Aliens" - the connection to LV426 just made me remember!) Some of yours look particularly desireable to collectors, such as the Wizard of Oz set, and sometimes people just collect them for the artwork.

That is also an impressive collection of tech. I watch an interesting and informative Youtube channel called Techmoan Techmoan - Wikipedia: a UK-based reviewer who acquires and reviews old (and new) AV tech from around the the world. So, while I can't say how much your collection is worth, there is definitely an international market for older AV equipment, depending on the quality and condition - Especially cassette, turntable, and certain CD players, as the manufacturers just don't make 'em like they used to. Brand names such as Sony, Technics and Pioneer are particularly sought after, and the 1980s seem to have been a high point in quality. There is probably another forum on here that might help with that sort of equipment.
There was a similar thread to this a while back.

A LD collector here. If you have any late releases from 1998 -2001 (when the format officially died) then they can fetch a few hundred. Especially titles like The Matrix, X-Men, Mission Impossible 2 etc.

The box sets in the picture, could be of value too. Again, depending on the condition and if they are complete.

If I were you, I would compile a list and whether they are PAL or NTSC and I could give you a rough idea of prices.

I would also suggest looking at the Laserdisc Database LaserDisc Database - Welcome to the LaserDisc Database to see if any have rot (mainly those produced by Sony DADC) or if any are "rare".

Some players also sell for a few hundred these days on eBay. From the picture, I can see a Pioneer CLD-D925 and I think it is a CLD-D2950 of which you have two.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do with them.

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