How do I find out my wireless network password?


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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I have a wireless network at home.

I created a password for it when setting it up, and my laptop logs on automatically now when it boots up.

Thing is, my niece wanted to use it on her iPod the other day, and I thought I knew the password, but I got it wrong.

Is there now a way of finding out what I set as the password?


Do you have the router instructions?

I guess not, got to the vendors website and download the instructions. Every router is different so its hard to give instruction.

You could try looking on the laptop in wierless networking instructions to see if the password is visible.


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Its a Vodafone (Ireland) router - don't know what make.

I have searched all the network options and settings on my laptop and cannot see a password stored anywhere.

ITs not a biggie, as I say I connect automatically, but it would be nice to have the password so that family and friends could use it if they want to. But they don't visit too often so not a major.


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Just searched on line and you can try the options below

Type or into your browser.

This should get you access to your router.

If it asks for a username and password and you don't know it try

Username: admin
Password: VF-IRhg556

Username: advanced
Password: advanced

If these don't work you will have to contact your ISP.

If you do get in, go to the wireless settings in the menus and the password should be visible.


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If you go in Control Panel -> Network and Sharing then pick Manage Wireless networks from the top left. Pick the connection and right click and pick properties, under that pick the Security tab and tick the tickbox for Show characters. The ********* will then reveal your wireless password!


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And then WRITE IT DOWN!!!! :D


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Thanks a lot Duckson.

And Matt_C, didn't anyone ever tell you that you never write down passwords;)


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They certainly have - usually before they ask how to retrieve them ;)

But I don't think it's much of a security risk to write down the wifi key on a sticker and slap it on the bottom of the router. Unless you work at NASA or something!

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