how do i do this


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Anyone please tell me how to connect one to the other.

My out from a digital camera, cannon A60, has a video lead, which would go into the TV, this is a RCA type I think.
I wanted to plug this into the TV card input which is fine because i can use the in on the card.
But the sound out from the camera is also RCA and that wont go into the line in as that is a jack type.
Is there a convert i can use to change it.

I tried to use a microphone into the line in but it wont work that way.



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I take it you trying to plug the lead in to a TV card on a computer? if so why don`t you just download the clip via the usb lead?

I must be missing something sorry



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Re above.

There is no USB lead
The camera just had the video RCA with it.
I can get the picture but no sound

Or are you saying i can buy a USB lead to do this.


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I believe what ontheline needs is a single convertor for:
female RCA to 3.5 mm mono/stereo jack.

That way the RCA output from the camera can be plugged into the line in socket on the sound card.

There should be a USB lead with the camera that lets you transfer pics/movies to the PC. If it's not there then the A60 package is incomplete - check the instructions.

P.S. I used to own a A70 - now upgraded to A80.

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