How do I distribute TV to the rest of my house from a Sky box top?



Help - I am a novice.

My new house has aerial wires connected to districbute TV signals to 4 rooms in my house. However as we use a Sky Freeview boxtop - the output from there is a scart output.

Therefore how do I connect up a scart lead back to an areial socket to re-distribute?

help please!



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a basic outline of what you need;

decent co-ax amp with 4 outputs
3 co-ax cables leading from the room with boxtop to all other rooms (check out how the co-ax cables have been installed)
vcr recorder to give out its signal along co-ax

what to do

connect boxtop to tv & vcr directly
connect vcr to tv
connect ariel directly to amp through to freeview through to vcr through to tv set.
set the vcr is on either av 1 or 2 (boxtop channel)
the vcr will give off its own video freq.
when all set up and all tv's co-ax connected to the amp and other tv's. tune all the tv's one of the 6 tuned channels on each of the 3 other tv's will be the vcr (whatever you have that on av 1 or 2 for boxtop)

bear in mind you can only change boxtop channels inb the room with the box top in it. unless u get a co-ax rabbit attatched to each co-ax.

hope this helps!


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If you mean FreeSatfromSky rather than Freeview ( i.e. you have a Sky DVB-S STB rather than a Freeview DVB-T STB) it should be possible to use the coax output on the box directly which would cut out the business of using the VCR coax output - the problem with using a VCR is that if someone actually plays something on VCR you will get that rather than the satellite channel.

You might want to check whether your Sky box has an output and use the Sky forums for any queries rather than Freeview which is oriented towards digital terrestrial broadcasting.

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