How do I delete a corrupt DHCP registry on a Virgin media Hub 3 version 9.1.1912.304


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I have a headless print server that can only be accessed if it is issued a valid IP address from a DHCP server. Normally if there is a problem you press a hardware reset button on the side which wipes its network settings so that they can be re-issued by the local network's DHCP.

For reasons that so far remain unknown the virgin hub 3 (Version 9.1.1912.304) that this one is connected to has issued it with a bad address and every time. The print thinks that it is being issued an address (It has a diagnostic light on the front), but this address isn't showing up on the hub 3 the print server isn't accessible on the network.

I believe that the Hub 3 is re-issuing the same address over and over each time I reset the print server but isn't properly registering it.

This has happened to me before with a couple of other devices, and those times the only way to get round it was to connect a patch cable to the device, plug it into the back of a PC, and then to log into it manually using the last known IP address that it was issued, then set the IP address to be static rather than dynamic using the onboard software through a web browser. Which forced the issue.

I can't do that on this device as it's only accessible through a mobile phone app that has to be connected to the local network on the same address range as the print sever. So I can't go in the same way as with other devices.

I really want to avoid having to factory wipe the hub as it is being used as a gateway and has quite a complicated set of rules and port forwarding set up, and no matter what I do to document everything each time that I've had to set up a new router in the past something has always gone wrong and it's taken days to get things back up and running.


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If you have the print server MAC address then can you set up a reservation for it on the superhub ?


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Also check firmware on your print server is up to date. The Superhub may not have the best reputation but not heard of any problems with DHCP part.

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