How do I connect this little lot?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by guv69, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Taking delivery of a TH42PX60 tomorrow and have the task ahead to connect the following:

    The TH42PX60 has 3 scarts, component and 2 hdmi

    The kit:

    $ky digital - (currently connected via RGB scart)
    Non $ky digital receiver (currently connected via switch or RF)
    TiVo - (Currently connected via Scart)
    Freeview - (Currently connected passthrough the TiVo and RF) (Will still use as it gives the option to record and watch a different program)
    DVD Player - (currently connected via scart - and switch)
    Sony AV amp - with all the trimmings of DD5.1, Centre and Sub

    I also intend on adding a PC via HDMI/DVI rather than sub-D (Will that be better?)

    What would be the best suggestion to connect this lot to my TV Plasma? :lease:

    Currently, the cableing is a disgrace! ie it is a big eyesore of tangled leads. I obviously want to address that also - so any suggestions on how to make it look nice and neat also appreciated. (Do those cable tidy tubes work - esp with the amount of gear mentioned above!)


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