How do I connect the Mission FS2AV's?


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Hey guys, new to all things AV so be nice :p

I currently have a Sony KV21LS30 Nicam 4:3 television and a Sony NS405 DVD player.

The TV only has left/right phono out, and the DVD player has digital out.

In what way do the Mission speakers connect to my kit; do I need to buy a receiver?



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Cheers Shirker, so I connect the TV to the receiver using hq stereo interconnects (QED).

How is the standard phono/stereo output like for sound quality?

And what is the best way to connect the DVD to the receiver? Using the digital output, or again using the standard stereo/phone out?



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You would connect the TV to the amp/receiver as you say, via analogue phono cables. Quality of sound will depend on the TV, my JVC is crap so I don´t use them.

To connect the dvd to the amp/receiver, use either a digital optical cable or digital coaxial cable. You´ll then have Dolby Digital/DTS 5.1 sound (assuming the amp has both decoders). Connecting via the analogue phonos will only give you stereo and/or Pro-Logic/Pro-Logic 2 sound (depending on amp).


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