How do I connect my Sharp 26P50E?



Hi guys, i've just taken my first steps in to the LCD world and bought a Sharp 26P50E. It's replacing a 14" Sony CRT, so to say i'm slightly excited is an understatement :)

Anyway, I was wondering whats the best way to connect my Sky+ and Sony DVD player. I believe the best way to connnect the Sky+ is with RGB Scart? If so, can anyone recommend a good lead. At the moment i've got a £5 jobbie which needs upgrading, but I dont want to spend too much (maybe £15-£20, I dont know :confused: )

My Sony DVD player is a cheap £70 one I bought last year (DVP-NS355). How should I connect this? Scart, component? Again, any suggestions for good (but cheap :)) leads would be appreciated.

Thanks guys


The tech spec of the DVD player says:

Composite Video Output: 1
SCART Connector: 1
Digital Audio Output: Coaxial: YES
Analog Stereo Output: 1

So I assume I dont have component. Should I use scart or the composite video output and analog stereo output?


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Nice little telly, the P50. You'll be pleasedand a big improvement on you 14" CRT!

If you can, SKy+ to Scart/RGB 1 and DVD player to component. IF your DVD player does not have Component (it will have 3 round sockets in the back,marked component) then Scart to Scart socket 2. DO NOT use composite, what ever you do!

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