How do I connect my pc to Tv downstairs?

Chris D555

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As above I want to connect the VGA monitor output from the desktop to my television downstairs, can I get a splitter for this cable and then a cable long enough to get to the room below?
Or is there an easier way?




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I'd get a dual head graphics card which has multiple outputs - one for the monitor and one for the TV.

The TV output on the card should preferably a HDMI or DVI connection as these are digital signals and wont pick up interfance over longer distances. VGA is terrible for interferance in my experience and I really wouldn't bother running VGA over any distance. I did 5meters and it was shocking.

I think you can run HDMI/DVI for about 40feet. If the TV has HDMI input then you can get a card with DVI output and use a DVI->HDMI converter or you can get a card with HDMI output and just run a normal cheapo HDMI cable.

Bear in mind you don't get sound over DVI (or VGA for that matter) so you would have to run an audio feed alongside the video - assuming the TV can take an audio input - or you can take the audio into an amp.


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What do you want to do exactly? If you just want to watch recorded tv, play music, watch videos how about a Vista media extender over wifi.

Linksys Media Center Extender - DMA2100: Electronics & Photo

i have seen them cheaper than this.

Or you could do as suggested and run an HDMI cable If you have a modern ati or Nvidia grphics card you can pass audio over the HDMI cables. Long run HDMI cables can be very expensive and you can't cut them yourself.

If i was you i'd move the pc unless you've got partition walls it would be a real pain passing cables through walls and floors. I'm about to install CAT5 ethernet but i'll be running that outside the house.


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If I was wanting a cheap media extender I'd buy a second hand modified original XBOX running XBMC. I still use 2 of these in different rooms to stream media, both audio and video wirelessly from my PC. XBMC is a superb piece of software. It plays all non HD media formats inc MPG, XVid, DivX, Quicktime, Realmedia etc, works with the xbox remote control you can pick up an old Xbox for 30quid or so, add a wireless bridge for less than 20, or obviously use it wired with a run of CAT5.

Expensive HDMI cables aren't needed. Unlike analogue signals, digital are far less prone to external interferance. Of course there are companies who will happily take 130 of your hard earned for a 15m cable, but I'd be surprised with HDMI if you'd notice any difference over a 30quid one with the same kit at each end - the data either gets there or it doesn't with digital.


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a HTPC is basically a PC in a case which looks like a piece of home hifi equipment rather than a case which looks like, erm... a pc case.
basically you need a long video cable or a new PC downstairs - the TV is no different from the monitor your using upstairs so you connect to it in the same type of way. How were you thinking of controlling the PC say if you are on a webpage, from downstairs ?? Wireless keyboard maybe.


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You could use a wireless keyboard my mate run's his media center from the loft in his bungalow using one, and an IR repeater for his remote.
His cable drop is less than 10 feet he uses a vga cable and phono leads for audio. Luckily he has cavity walls so all he had to do was punch a couple of holes and pull the cables through, thats a bit harder to do with brick walls.

long video cable runs are never a good idea if you are interested in quality but sometimes you don't have a choice.

If i was you i'd either move the PC or use a laptop Dell have just launched a pc which is perfect for a HTPC or build your own out of old parts. It's hours of fun for all the family.

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