How Do I Connect My Arial To My X100?


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I just installed my lovely new Alpine X100 which is a cracking unit by the way, ito my 1995 Rover Coupe. I cannot connect my car's arial to it though? My Car's arial has a long metal stick and an outer metal sleeve that fits those long sockets that head units have. The Alpine has a short stubby socket with a hole for the metal stick.
That's the best way I can describe it at this time of night LOL. I'm sure you guy's know what I mean and can hopefully tell me what I need to get connected, it would be fantastic if you can post some links. I also need to replace the plug on my car's arial lead as I broke it when unplugging it from my old Kenwood stereo Doh.

By the way, if you want to know, I have much better clarity and stereo seperation from the Alpine and me iPod then I did from CD's!! And yet at the same time, the you can slightly tell the difference between the various bit rates for the different track recordings. So a track at 128k sounds great but not quite as good as a higher bit rate recording. I would recommend the unit though.

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