How do I connect LG TV, Sony DVD Recorder RDR-HXD870, iPlayer digibox and Hitachi VCR



I have
1 TV with 2 x Scart 1 Analogue tuner
1 iPlayer digibox with 2 x Scarts, 1 tuner
1 Hitachi VCR with 2 x Scarts and 1 analogue tuner
1 RDR-HDX870 DVD/HDD Recorder 2 x Scarts and 2 x tuners (1 anaolgue, 1 digital)

I successfully connected all the equipment (WITHOUT the VCR), so that I can record one digital channel while watching another.

I have an AV switch box with one output (connects to TV) and 3 inputs and it's possible to convert one of the inputs to an output. (ie record from B to A or C to A)

Now I want to add a VCR to the mix, so that I can also watch Video tapes and record from VCR to DVD or HDD.

If I just daisy chain the ariels starting with
TV to VCR,
VCR to DVD Analogue tuner,
DVD Analogue tuner to DVD digital tuner.
DVD digital tuner to iPlayer tuner
iPlayer tuner to wall.

And then this with the scarts....

Switch box to AV1 of TV
VCR - Switch box
iPlayer to DVD
DVD to TV (AV2)

Do I even HAVE to use the switch box?

How can I set it up to record from one digital source while watching the other, dub Video tapes to DVD/HDD and watch video tapes without swapping leads.

Many thanks.


I would daisy chain the aerials this way

aerial socket or coax lead to dvd recorder digital input
DVD digital tuner output to iPlayer tuner input
iPlayer tuner output to VCR input
VCR output to DVD Analogue tuner input
DVD Analogue tuner output to tv

ie:- digital first , then analogue , then to tv

this also allows you to see and record the vcr rf output channel if you wanted to

if the vcr has passthrough on the scarts , you can link the iplayer to the vcr scart , and vcr output to the line 1 input on the sony , line 3 output on the sony to the tv av2 scart

and the iplayer scart also to the tv av1 scart for independent freeview viewing when the recorder is busy recording


Thank you for the advice. I have tried what you suggested and I can now use all my devices. I'm well pleased.
However, I can't work out how to record Video tapes to DVD or HDD.
Is it possible? Or do I need to modify the set up?

Many thanks


After having one more attempt, I am now able to record my Video tapes to DVD or HDD.
Ramjet, Your advice pointed me in the right direction. I can't thank you enough.

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