How do I connect component leads?




:confused: I am very much a newbie when it comes to home cinema and will probably be asking loads of simple questions, but one will do for now.

Amongst other items the following arrived yesterday:

Denon DVD2200
Panasonic TX32PD30C

I can get the dvd to work through the tv via scart leads but cannot get the tv to see the dvd via component leads. Could you explain what I am doing wrong as the instructions leave me more than a bit baffled ATM.

Thanks. :)
I've never used them but as I can see you lurking I will have a guess that you may have to set either the DVD player or the TV to use component connections in the various setup menus.

Don't forget that component is picture only so you won't get sound through it
Thanks for the reply

Picture only is fine cos the DVD is connected to an AV amp.

Always best to ask one q at a time methinks.
You need to select channel AV4C on the PD30 - once you are in AV mode (by pressing the TV/AV button) press the blue fastext button, and cycle though until you are on AV4C. As IanJ says, you may have to change the output on the DVD aswell. On my Sony 730 I also had to select the output as "Video" - when I tried "RGB", I lost the picture via component, and had to connect via scart to get the setting back to video.

Hi Shawkins002,

I will give that a try, but if it works for you it'll probably work for me. Will know this evening.

Tisn't half exciting, watched our first DVD yesterday LOTR and didn't understand half of it but it looked superb and sounded better!

Must stop chatting else I'll be accused of hijacking my own thread :)

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