How do I connect an Media Center Pc to a Pioneer 434 Plasma?


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I will be getting a Media Center PC with DVI, Component and VGA connections available on it.

I want to connect it upto my Pioneer but am looking for some advice as to the best way to connect the two. Currently I use the HDMI port to connect back to my AV amp which has the other source devices on it. The 434 does have a dedicated VGA port on it to connect to a PC and it seems that would be the best bet.

Does anyone have any advice, tips etc as to how to get the best connection between the two?

Many thanks



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My setup is:

Video: Media PC to Pioneer by DVI to HDMI input on the Pio media box

Audio: Media PC to AV amp via SPDIF coaxial

The problem with the VGA port is that it's on the front under the flap :-/


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Yep, Used the VGA first, but the cable was annoying. Now using DVI to HDMI cable. The image is very good in MCE mode. Windows resolution is beter when using VGA. But MCE is the most important right? :thumbsup:

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