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hey everyone, looking for a little help (actually more like a lot) to connect all my new kit together (just got sky digital and home cinema at the weekend). I have looked around for hints and tips but each set-up is so unique I can't get my head around what I need to do exactly. I haven't bought any cables yet as I'm not sure what I need. So here's my kit:

TV - Sony KD-28DL10U - 1 RGB Scart, 1 Smart-link Scart, 1 Phono audio out, no component or s-video, red/white/yellow

Video - Sony SLV-SE730 - 1 Smart link Scart out, 1 Scart in, 1 Phono audio out.

Sky Digibox - Thomson DSI 4210 - 1 Phono audio out, TV Scart, VCR Scart.

Home Cinema - Pioneer NS DV99 - 1 Scart out, 1 optical digital in, 1 Phono audio out, 1 s-video out, 1 video out (yellow looks like Phono?), Phono TV audio in, line 1 & 2 Phono audio in.

Games - Sony PS2 - optical digital out, Scart or red/white/yellow Phono(?) out.

They all have the usual composite video connections as well, but isn't the aim to avoid these at all cost?

As far as I know, RGB SCART is my best option for all connections; my sky picture quality is much better using the RGB SCART on the TV. But to get the best out of the DVD system, I need that in RGB SCART as well? VIDEO is simple as that can go straight in the smart link enabled SCART 2 on the TV. How do I link these three devices up to get the best possible DVD & SKY pictures, without having to switch anything around each time I alternate my viewing.

PS2 can be done via optical I think for 5.1 sound, and the red and white leads into the front of the TV as and when required.

I want all sound to come through the Pioneer system, therefore no longer using the TV speakers. PS2 is already sorted if I use optical cable. Video should be able to go into one of the line in Phono inputs on the Pioneer. Just the sky then?

In terms of video recording, I would just like the ability to record anything off sky.

Hope this all makes sense, I just wish my TV had more input options! As far as cables go, I bought a JVC Scart cable for around £13 from Curry’s (shame 8O ) when I got my video from there 1 month ago (it was a quick purchase). Sky Scart lead is the one that was supplied. If I need more Scart leads, what is the difference between a £5 and a £50 lead?



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You could try daisy-chaining all the components, but personally i'd prefer to use a Scart switchbox.

So you'd have :

SKY (VCR scart)-> VCR in
VCR out -> TV (Scart 2)
SKY (tv scart), Home Cinema & PS2 -> Scart switchbox in
Scart switchbox out ->TV (RGB Scart)



I see!

I guess that could work. Are the SCART switchboxes any good? I mean would having the DVD straight into RGB SCART on the TV, be the same quality as going through the switch box? Do the switch boxes have to be manually switched over each time you want to change source, or are some 'intelligent' ones available that do it for you? What sort of price should I be looking at for this sort of device?

One thing I don't understand is why the Sky box routes through the VCR into SCART 2 AND the switch box into SCART 1? So I would be looking at this:?

DVD, SKY, PS2 > (3 way?) SCART switchbox in > SCART switchbox out > TV SCART 1 (RGB)
VCR out > TV SCART 2

So this would mean I can have the SKY picture AND DVD at best possible quality (RGB) and with the PS2 in as well, means I don't have to connect up the yellow wire to the TV front panel each time I want to use it. Also, it means my SONY smart-link VCR will be the only device plugged into the TV SCART 2 (smart link enabled) so I’d get the best from my VCR! (Smart-link is great, it's like connecting VCR and TV using USB!!!!!)

AHHH I see, would the sky go into the VCR via SCART so I can record through this cable, therefore better quality? What if the VCR SCART on the SKY box is VCR IN only?

just FYI, I called richer sounds technical support yesterday, and a chap there suggested make sure I use gold Scart cables, anything from £10 up will be much better than Scarts with silver connectors. He suggested this setup:


with the usual composite(?) cable loop. Tried this last night, but of course Sky picture quality isn't brilliant (well I don't have gold Scart leads yet) as it's not through RGB and the video's smart-link function doesn't work like this.

Cheers! :beer:


cheers ian!

seems this solution will have me pressing a switch to control sources or yet another remote control, which i really don't want.

BUT to get DVD and SKY using RGB scart it's my only option? ohhh why is this so hard!!

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Originally posted by jillops
ohhh why is this so hard!!
Because you ask for our advice after you have bought something and not before :D

As a matter of interest I only buy DVD players if they have two scart sockets so that my Sky box will be daisychained via the DVD player onto the single RGB scart socket on my TV to ensure that I don't have this problem.


Ok right, last night I thought I’d cracked it, but I hadn't. I connected:

VCR > AV2 on the TV (smart-link enabled).
DVD > SKY (VCR Scart)
SKY (TV Scart) > TV AV1 (RGB enabled Scart).

Everything worked apart from watching sky with sound coming though the home cinema. With both these devices switched on, there is no picture at all on the screen, with the home cinema set to they sky input for sound. The same happens with Scart control switched off on the sky box. I imagine its incompatible, with both devices sending a signal to the TV, neither can be displayed? Does anyone know why this is?

I did unplug the Scart from the back of the DVD box and then I got a good sky picture with sound coming through the home cinema. With the Sky box off, DVD’s play fine. I compared the DVD playback quality when going through the sky box to going straight into the RGB enabled Scart on the TV, and I honestly couldn't tell any difference.

Any ideas or recommendations as where to go from here?

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